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CloudSac Memory Foam Filling

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Now available to so you can upgrade / replenish your existing foam filled beanbags. The latest memory foam CLOUDSAC filling. It comes with our incredibly comfortable cloud like filling which is unique to the market. Our filling is a custom blend of high quality memory foam, latex foam, supportive foam encased within virgin polyester fibres. It outperforms pure memory foam beanbags in terms of longevity, support & comfort. The fibre gives this filling the softness and bounce back of a pillow whilst the foams provide incredible support.

There are 4 filling volumes available to purchase. These are suitable for filling a wide variety of beanbags as well as for various uses such as replacing inferior fillings or for topping up a well used product.


  • 1000L – For complete refill of a huge beanbag size 150Dia x 70cm
  • 500L – For complete refill of a huge beanbag size 100Dia x 70cm
  • 350L – For complete refill of our Lounger, Classic & Pillow Beanbags
  • 75L – For complete refill of our C75 large footstool

Foam arrives vacuumed down by around 80%. Once the packaging is removed the filling will start to expand. We suggest inserting the block inside the cover before removing the packaging to ensure a quick and clean filling process.


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