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Mighty Bark

The Protector+ - Mattress Protector for Pet Beds - Waterproof, Anti Bacterial, Anti Microbial

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This anti-bacterial and breathable water resistant cover is perfect for protecting the core of your dog bed and is especially practical for use with dogs who are prone to little accidents or swimming in the local lake.

The material for our Protector+ stretches and contours with the filling for extra comfort and does not rustle when the pet moves. This mattress cover is fully breathable allowing heat & moisture to escape from the sleep surface, is water resistant to prevent saturation of the foam, and treated with anti bacterial and anti microbial finishes to help maintain a healthy environment.


  • Waterproof fabric
  • Breathable
  • Anti microbial
  • Low rustle
  • Anti bacterial
  • Suitable for the mattresses inside the Mighty Bark Sofa, Bench & Classic dog bed
  • Wipe clean


*The stated measurements are approximate.

  • Small: 50cm Wide x 65cm Deep x 3” High
  • Medium: 60cm Wide x 85cm Deep x 3” High
  • X-Large: 120cm Wide x 73cm Deep x 3” High

Quality and safety

  • All products are designed & developed in the UK and manufactured in the UK & EU
  • Tested by our resident dogs before production
  • All components are lab tested to ensure they all meet the required UK legislation for flammability, fitness for purpose and safety

Why Mighty Bark!

Mighty Bark are one of the UK’s leading pet brands, and one of the few Pet Bed specialists still manufacturing in the UK. Through years of research and investment, Mighty Bark have developed one of the most advanced pet bed fillings on the market. All dog beds are made from a proprietary mix filling of foams & fibres called Memo-Bounce which provides solutions to the many issues found with popular dog bed fillings.

Mighty Bark strive to make not just comfy but long lasting dog beds, that’s why dogs are invited into the offices regularly for rigorous all day testing and observation. Only those dog beds that pass the stress and comfort tests make it to market. With Mighty Bark, your pet can be assured a comfy, lasting and safe nighty sleep.


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